Family members and friends bid their final farewell to local actor Dai Peng

17 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago
Over 30 family members and friends bid their final farewells to local actor Dai Peng at his send-off yesterday.

Dai Peng, whose real name is Dai Dexin, or Tai Te Shing, died at age 75 of lymphoma on Sunday, the same cancer which claimed veteran actor Huang Wenyong's life in April.

His funeral took place at 11.45am at the Grace (S.C.C.) church yesterday.

His cortege then left the church at 12.15pm for his cremation at the Mandai Crematorium Hall 1 at 1pm.

Lianhe Wanbao reported that more than 30 family members and friends bid farewell to the late actor at his funeral, including Zheng Ge Ping, Chen Liping, Chen Shu Cheng and Huang Pei Ru.

Many of them had also attended his wake and included Xiang Yun, Edmund Chen and Zoe Tay.

When the pastor said his final prayer and called for the audience to stand by the coffin to bid their final farewells, Chen Liping, who wore a pair of shades, was seen continually wiping her tears.

About 70 people attended his memorial service.

He was remembered as a happy and optimistic senior, who cracked many jokes and fellow artistes fondly called him 'Lao Dai'.

It was also previously revealed that the late actor had been diagnosed with a heart disease about six years ago and even underwent a heart bypass but managed to keep it from almost everyone.

Dai Peng is, remembered for his perfect spoken Mandarin and was active from the mid 80s to the mid 90s.

He acted in local dramas which included ã€Šé“è´è¶ã€‹ã€ã€Šäººåœ¨æ—…é€”ã€‹ã€ã€Šç›—æ—¥è‹±é›„ä¼ ã€‹ã€ã€Šçº¢å¤´å·¾ã€‹ã€ã€Šå¤©æ¶¯åŒå‘½é¸Ÿã€‹ã€ã€Šå˜è¿ã€‹ã€ã€Šç¼å›­å’–å•¡é¦™ã€‹ and 《奇缘》.

With the implementation of the new contract system by MediaCorp 12 years ago, Dai Peng's contract was not renewed, and he could only sign the form which expressed his desire to continue.

In 2008, he was invited to act in the show 《45载光芒8方贺台庆》, which should be his last appearance on screen.

The evening daily also reported that it was also revealed that Dai Peng's salary was "less than a stick of coffee" and when he visited the set on his off days, he was tasked to play 'dead people'.

However, throughout his acting career which included about a hundred dramas, Dai Peng had no regrets.
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