False reports claim that actress Sasha Grey was kidnapped, raped and 'hacked into pieces'

26 February 2015 / 1 year 7 months ago

Reports have been circulating Russian social media networks that former adult actress and star of Steven Soderbergh's The Girlfriend Experience, Sasha Grey,has been killed in the Ukraine while working as a battle nurse.

The disturbing report claims that 28-year-old Grey - who is named as Sasha Serova - was kidnapped by Ukrainian separatists, raped and then brutally hacked to pieces with an axe, but is there any truth in it?

According to Movie Pilot, the short answer is a big-capital-letters NO.

Grey has recently spoken out on social media to condemn the rumors and reassure her fans that she has never worked as a battle nurse and she was never, not even once, kidnapped and axe-murdered by Ukrainians.

Instead, Grey has been used as an unwilling pawn in a propaganda battle, and the viral social media post was created to see just how outlandish a story pro-Russian separatists would circulate as the truth.

The post, which originated on an image board known as Dvach, basically Eastern Europe’s version of 4Chan named Grey as Sasha Serova - a surname which is similar to the Russian word for gray.

Although it was intended to be a joke at the separatists expense, Sasha Grey did not find the whole idea very funny and she spoke out about how these people's actions were making a mockery of the innocent people lost in combat:

Sasha Grey
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