Fala prepares for psychopath role -- by staying alone in factory

12 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

Tony Leung Kar Fai, Simon Yam, Gordon Lam, Fala Chen and Dada attended the Causeway Bay bus tour promotional event for the new horror film Tales from the Dark I & II (迷離夜、奇幻夜).This movie is a step in a new direction for Fala, who ditched her usual soft-damsel image for a different role in a horror film, reported Oriental Daily.She credited the attractive plot -- which cast her as psychopath who slaughters people.To prepare for the role, she went to see a psychiatrist to do her research and homework. However, her visits led the psychiatrist to believe that she was an actual patient in need of medical help.She recounted: "The psychiatrist thought I was refusing to tell him the truth. He just kept telling me to relax and say it."Eventually, he finally believed me and even helped me analyze the character."He didn't charge me for the service either."To get into character, I spent a few nights alone at a large factory building.When asked if her boyfriend was worried about her then, she replied: "It was just for a few nights. The place was locked up and very safe."Meanwhile, Tony appeared in dark shades with two black tear drops on his face to fit in with the 'scary atmosphere' at the promotional event.He said collaborating with Kelly Chen this time around, they exchanged their, experiences as parents. When speaking of Michael Wong's daughter caught smoking on camera? Tony said: "My daughter had a smoking picture on Facebook too. It was a picture from her school play, where she portrayed a depressed girl. (Does she smoke in real life?) That I don't know. (Do you allow her to?) I smoke myself, so I have no right to say anything." The old news from 2002 where Tony was drunk and beats a bus driver came up again, asked if he allows his daughter to drink? Tony said he's a bad example. "She's past the legal drinking age of 18. She can make her own decisions! Use me as an example, don't be like her father. But what I'm most afraid of is she can't meet any guys! (Is she dating now?) I am not going to answer on her behalf. Next time you see her, ask her yourself."

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