Fala Chen to turn down 8-figure paycheck from TVB?

8 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Fala Chen’s (陳法拉) contract with TVB will expire in May and TVB has reportedly offered her an 8-figure sum in order to have her renew her management contract.According to an article in Popular Asians, when she was asked whether she has set her sights outside of TVB once her contract expires, Fala declined to elaborate. However, she will be taking an acting class in New York.Presenting a good image towards the audience and being one of the few actresses who is able to communicate in English and Mandarin fluently, producers from mainland China are interested in collaborating with Fala.In recent years, Fala has been filming drama after drama for TVB, missing out on chances to work in mainland. Fala’s abilities also attracted western producers. When Hollywood’s James Bond movie chose its cast in Hong Kong, Fala was the only fadan from TVB who was invited to audition.For the rest of this year, Fala revealed plans of heading to the United States to study. She has already registered for an acting course in New York. In regards to whether or not Fala will renew her contract with TVB, she said, “At this stage, nothing is settled yet. I’ve been at TVB for 8 years, and I hope we will maintain a good relationship. There were no unhappy circumstances. It’s just that I’ve filmed for so many dramas, and I want to use this time for a break.‘Fala recalled the time when she was a newcomer. “My first career after graduating from university is at TVB. Their dramas have their own style and rhythm. At first, I didn’t understand anything, and the company gave me many chances. Now that I’ve been filming for a while, I realized that there are many different ways to act out one scene. Sometimes I get the hold of it, but sometimes not. When I go home, I regretted not acting it out using a different method, and I started to feel that there was something insufficient inside [me].‘Fala hopes to see a new perspective in the field of acting. “Especially in recent years, I discussed acting with seniors and co-workers and read many books. However, reading and actually filming are very different. I’ve always wanted to leave the film set and watch different performance platforms to improve myself. I’ve mentioned this to the company before. I’ve planned this for several years and have mentioned this to the company before, so I want to take this chance to refresh myself.‘

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