Is Fala Chen taking on bolder scenes after her breakup?

8 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

The intimate scene between Fala Chen and Julian Cheung Chi Lam in Triumph in the Skies 2 was aired on Monday night. Although the scene was edited when aired in Hong Kong, it was kept in its entirety in the China broadcast.

According to online chatter accompanying the screenshots and videos of the scene circulated online, it seems that post-breakup Fala may well be taking on scenes and roles that is moving away from the the girl-next-door ones she's always taken up over the years.

Backing up that claim is another scene involving Fala from the upcoming film Tales from the Dark 2. Apparently, She and Gordon Lam had a bed scene and another in only their underwear.

On Tuesday, she spoke out about TVB editing her intimate scene: "All of it was performed according to the script. France is a romantic place, so we had this romantic scene.

"As an actor, what I care about is how to play this scene well and the performance. During the shoot, Chi Lam and I had great chemistry with the director and we managed to achieve the romantic feeling.

"As for the edited scene, I respect TVB's decision on everything. Every show would have different versions after shooting is wrapped, (so) the priority is to make sure things fell into place in the show and that it has what the atmosphere required."

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