Fala Chen says she will 'work until death'

24 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

The leads of TVB series Will Power -- Moses Chan, Fala Chen, Wayne Lai and Christine Ng hosted a 7 table end-of-filming dinner. Catherine Tsang was also there to support them. When Fala, Moses and Catherine were chatting, Fala sucked up to her saying TVB has improved, giving artistes sufficient resting time. She said: "After Will Power, I will start Triumph in the Skies II promotions. Nowadays, filming is not so stressful," reports Oriental Daily. "Actually, attending functions and events is even more stressful because you have to dress up. I think filming TV dramas is more comfortable because I can wear flip flops to work, then get into character and escape from reality. TVB's benefits have improved a lot. I have enough time to rest and even had 3 days off during Lunar New Year!" Since Fala temporarily does not have a new series or album to work on, reporters teased her, asking if she's turning into a rich wife? Fala laughed: "No, I will work until death. I have many commercials and events to do." View more pictures of Fala, as well as her luxury mansions in the USA in the gallery below.

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