Fala Chen loses lead actress role in Triumph in the Skies movie after offending Francis Ng?

20 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Ratings for the finale of TVB drama Triumph in the Skies II -- which aired last year -- reached a record of 41 points with Francis Ng and Julian Cheung holding the fort.

The television station then announced that there would be a film version of the popular television series in a bid to strike while the iron was hot. However, there is still no word on its development even after half a year.

According to reports from Hong Kong media via Lianhe Wanbao, producer Tommy Leung will be collaborating with Media Asia Entertainment Group to shoot the movie this May. Action movie director Benny Chan has also reportedly been invited to join the project.

Aside from Francis Ng and Julian Cheung, Louis Koo will also join the cast for the movie adaptation of Triumph in the Skies, The White Storm-style.

However, there is still strife over casting of the female lead.

It is said that Tommy Leung once referred to Fala Chen as his number one choice in private, but the actress did not respond as she thought it would be difficult to shine in her role.

Futhermore, Fala Chen had once offended Francis Ng, which led to him saying, "There's no me if there's her". His stand on not working with Fala Chen eventually led to her being excluded from the movie.

According to insiders, Francis Ng had complained that Fala Chen was late on numerous occasions during filming of Triumph in the Skies 2, and scolded her for not having work ethics.

Lin Chi-ling and Gao Yuan Yuan will reportedly replace Fala Chen instead.

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