Fala Chen had to use double for nude scenes

15 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago
Fala Chen and Gordon Lam  were at Kwun Tong on August 11 to thank fans for supporting their new horror film Tales from the Dark 2, reports Mingpao.
The film consists of three independent stories, with Gordon and Fala starring in the first, titled “Pillow Demon”.
The film generated controversy earlier for its bloody and nude scenes and was classified as Category III.
In a pivotal scene, Fala accidentally murders Gordon.
She then tried to remove the body by stripping Gordon naked and putting him into a vacuum bag.
Speaking about this scene, Fala praised Gordon for his fit physique and added that she avoided looking at Gordon’s nude body in between takes.
When asked if she would accept filming in the nude, Fala said, “I used a body double during a shower scene in the film. [My body double] has a better body than I do. When it comes to nude scenes, it really depends on the plot. I think actors should maintain a professional attitude and must slowly raise our tolerance level.”
Gordon is surprised by Fala’s willingness to film a Category III movie, but shared that he is not brave enough to ask her about her personal choices.
He joked that he only discovered Fala’s goddess status when his colleagues expressed envy over their collaboration.
Speaking of his fit body, Gordon revealed that he will show off his six-pack abs in his upcoming action film Firestorm.
To get into top shape, Gordon is on a strict diet and eats only breakfast and three bananas every day.
He also shared that the film’s star and producer Andy Lau keeps a tight watch over his workout regiment, but lamented that he is nowhere as fit as Nick Cheung.
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