Fala Chen and Daniel Sit still blissful even after breakup

28 June 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Fala Chen discreetly acknowledged her breakup with her boyfriend of six years, Daniel Sit , at a promotional event for a beauty brand in Hong Kong. The former TVB-managed star refused to elaborate on their current relationship status, but did reveal that she and Daniel had “reached a consensus‘ on how to handle the matter, reports Ming Pao. Shortly after Fala started her acting career in Hong Kong, she began dating the Neway heir. The couple was rumored to have secretly gotten married in 2008. While the couple acknowledged dating each other, they never openly admitted to marriage.There were rumours that the couple had broken up after a magazine source reported they had quarrelled when Daniel refused to invest in Fala’s artist management and talent scout venture. As a result, Fala’s made an abrupt decision to further her acting studies in New York this summer."A lot of what was written in that report weren’t true,‘ said Fala. “But a lot of things have changed recently. In my opinion, any kind of change is a good thing.‘Asked if her breakup with Daniel had something to do with her recent change, Fala laughed and said, “I knew that a magazine wrote about it last week, but I was in the United States at the time, so I didn’t look too much into it. "However, my colleagues did take, some photos [of the magazine report] and sent it to me. I immediately phoned Mr. Sit [about it]. We have discussed it together and reached a consensus about our relationship. We want to maintain our privacy. I did ask him if he wanted to make a [public] response today, but he said that wasn’t necessary. This is our matter and I ask for everyone to please give us the space to handle it ourselves.‘Fala described her current relationship with Daniel to be “good.‘ Asked if she considers Daniel a boyfriend or a good friend, Fala explained, “It’s impossible to describe two people’s relationship in just a few words, especially in a relationship that lasted so long. The relationship was true. I really don’t have the heart to define [our relationship]. I want to maintain the privacy and remain low-profile.‘

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