Fake PSY fools celebrities at Cannes Film Festival

25 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

Psy, singer of the popular Gangnam Style and Gentleman, was spotted all over Cannes, attending festival parties and posing for photos with festgoers and other celebrities.But it turns out that he was not Psy, but an imposter using his name to get access to the festival's events, and was even surrounded by three security guards, according to the New York Post.The man painted the French town red, enjoying a day at the Martinez beach restaurant, and partying at night at the Carlton hotel, reports The Straits Times.Many festival partygoers also were duped by the man, with images popping up on Twitter of people posing with the imposter, including actor Adrien Brody and Bond girl Naomie Harris.A source at the film festival said the imposter is Denis Carre, 34, from the small town of Blanzat, according to The Sun. Carre got the idea to pose as Psy when he was mistaken for him in a Dublin club."A crowd of people gathered around me, and the situation got totally out of control. We were only able to get out with the help of the bouncers. Then it happened again and again, to the point that the resemblance (with Psy) was causing problems in my private life," he said.The real Psy, who did make an appearance in Cannes in January, also tweeted about his doppelgänger.

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