Fake JJ Lin in China deceived fans for 2 years and made $290k from performances

16 April 2014 / 2 years 6 months ago

Above: Fake JJ Lin on the left, and the real JJ Lin on the right. Photo: TNP, Internet  

Sporting local mandopop singer JJ Lin's hairstyle and his trademark dimpled-smile, this 'clone' from China sang his hit songs and deceived fans for more than two years.

Fan Yixian, who used to be a DJ and a taxi driver in mainland China, has caused an outrage among JJ Lin's fans by pretending to be the popular singer and getting paid around NT$7 million (S$290,000) for performances in nightclubs, according to AsiaOne.

Fan has performed in local night clubs under the name of popstar JJ Lin and knowingly deceived his fans.

He mimicked JJ's stage style and sang his songs so well that even his fans could not tell the difference between the two men.

After realising the resemblance and his ability to perform JJ's hit songs, entertainment site SZ News reported that night clubs started to advertise Fan Yixian as the real deal, even though his manager labelled him a "JJ Lin substitute" at first.

He was even signed to a record company in 2012.

JJ Lin's fans have responded with outraged, and have started a campaign to stop Fan from impersonating JJ Lin.

His record company, Warner Music, has been contacted to resolve this issue. The company is aware of this copycat and has even issued a warning to him earlier.

Warner's Beijing office is currently looking into the matter and attempting to gather evidence.

The company said it is difficult to take legal action as the imposter Fan had first presented himself as an "imitator" and other times, he posed as the local star himself.

Images 1 and 2 shows the fake JJ Lin, while the rest shows the real JJ Lin. PHOTOS: Singtel, Apple Daily, Warner Music, Mindef, Gucci, Unusual Entertainment Pte Ltd, Ocean Butterflies, SPH.

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