Extreme scenes for Category III film made HK actress collapse in tears

5 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

Irene Wan, Kabby Hui (main photo, left), Rainky Wai and Mak Tak Wo recently promoted their new film MAY WE CHAT (MEI GAU SIU NUI) recently. 

Kabby said that MAY was her first film and she had many daring scenes, reports HK Top Ten.

Speaking of the film's Category III rating, she said that she was not worried about being typecast.

She said, "In the film, two scenes were very extreme. I had a bed scene with (Dominic) Ho Ho Man, and in another scene I was gang raped. That day when I got to the set I collapsed in tears because it felt very horrible."

Rainky Wai said that MAY was her first film as well. 

She said that in the film a double worked on a nude scene for her.

At first she was worried that there would be misunderstanding, but she also believed that the audience's eyes were sharp.

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