Extreme to the max? Fala Chen brings 6 umbrellas to film set to protect skin

15 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

Artiste Fala Chen became the spokeperson for skincare advertisement and will be filming an entirely different television advertisement, reported Asian E-News Portal

In the commercial, Fala will have two roles and one role requires her to act as pirate, and the filming must be completed under the temperature, 50 Degrees Celsius.

As such, she brought 6 umbrellas to the filming scene and said: "Most of the scenes are on the ship and it is extremely windy. One of my umbrellas is blown away but I carry on to bring more umbrellas in order to avoid the sun and prevent my skin from getting dark. In other words, I must bring an umbrella everywhere to maintain my fair skin."

Enjoyed every moment of filming

When asked about her relationship status, Fala said: "Currently, I am dating with my script and enjoying the dating process. Life resembles drama and everywhere is a stage. It is similar to filming an advertisement and the filming hours is long. I hope to put in my feelings and enjoy every moment."

Fala Chen
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