Explain this: Angelababy went through not 1 but 2 transformations

26 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

She has been labeled ‘Hong Kong Goddess’ and ‘Hong Kong’s Million Dollar babe’ by the Japanese media. Men worship her; women envy her. This goddess is none other than 25-year-old Angelababy.

Angelababy has flooded the media scene with her heavenly looks. But while her exceptional beauty has garnered her many fans, it has also left many speculating if Angelababy had undergone plastic surgery, leaving the celebrity beyond distressed.

In one publication, Angelababy stated,
 "Those people keep harping on about the rumors as if my whole face is fake. That old photo was taken when I was wearing braces so my face looked swollen. Moreover, the camera angle wasn’t good."

She also said that she would get medical proof that she was “all woman” and not a collection of parts.

So is it true that there could really be someone this perfect in this world or are we just a bunch of hateful, cynical individuals? Angelababy plastic surgery, yay or nay?

Photos compiled by Plastytalk document her transformation, particularly in the eyes, nose and chin. In fact, her chin seems to look increasingly sharper over the years, making her look older than she really is.

However, the most surprising part is that Angelababy went through not one, but two very drastic transformations as the below pictures show. How do you explain them?

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