EXO's remaining Chinese members rumoured to be leaving too -- for China

14 October 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

Source: Jpop Asia

EXO's remaining Chinese members Tao and Lay may be nullifying their contracts with SM Entertainment and joining Kris and Lu Han to form their own group in China.

The plans for EXO's mass exodus was divulged to Allkpop by an insider who had also tipped them off about Jessica's dismissal from Girls' Generation and Lu Han's contract nullificiation.

Due to the accuracy of the insider's previous tips, the publication decided to reveal the latest tidbit.

Tao and Lay's standing with SM Entertainment is currently uncertain. Like Lu Han, the two are negotiating their contracts with the company.

If things do not go smoothly, the two will reportedly use Kris and Lu Han's lawyer to nullify their contracts as well.

In a statement released earlier by SM Entertainment regarding Lu Han's lawsuit, the company said they thought there was someone behind the scenes pulling the strings behind EXO's departures.

With Kris reportedly in talks with Chinese music label Hwai Brothers to join the company, it has been speculated that the company may be influencing EXO's Chinese members to join them in the formation of a new Chinese group.

EXO's Lay was the first member to speak out when Lu Han nullified his contract.

"Goodbye brother. Let's share the stage again if we can! As your brother, I support your decision and wish you good luck," his Weibo update stated.

The swiftness of his supportive response can be seen as supporting evidence of the rumors.

According to Chinese news agency Sina, one of the reasons Lu Han decided to leave SM Entertainment was because of alleged racism against the company's Chinese idols.

EXO's Korean members systematically received favorable treatment, including more advertising opportunities and appearances on television programs.

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