EXO’s Kris accused of disloyalty after his mum meets with rival record label

2 June 2014 / 2 years 4 months ago

As the alleged lawsuit between EXO rapper Kris and the group”s record label SM Entertainment continues, it appears the tide of public opinion could be turning against the rapper. 

According to a report Friday in the South Korean publication Sports World, Kris has reportedly met with executives from the Chinese record label YUEHUA, whose roster includes former Super Junior member Hangeng.

“Kris”s mom did come to consult with us about her son”s future,” said a spokesperson for YUEHUA told the website allkpop on Friday. “There is nothing that has been decided on yet.”

YUEHUA execs reportedly later denied themeeting between the EXO member”s mother and the label ever took place.

To add to the speculation, the fact that Hankyul Law Firm, the same attorneys that handled Hangeng”s lawsuit with SM Entertainment, is currently representing Kris in all legal proceedings, has caused some observers to wonder how long the rapper had been considering this move.

“Now I”m feeling more like this is what Kris had planned all along,” allkpop reader Star123987 wrote in response to an article published to the website on Friday.

“Enter K-pop and use the popularity to easily make it into a top Chinese entertainment company.” I know Kris also has health problems. but I think the lawsuit against SM saying they”re treating Kris unfairly is more because Kris never really wanted to be in SM to begin with.”

While reader Bellobex just wants the whole ordeal to be over. “They need to stop dragging this out,” the fan wrote. “Hurry up and leave already!”

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