This ex-stuntman took Donnie Yen to his limit

11 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Chinese actor Yu Kang started as a stunt man working with Donnie Yen, and is one of the few to ever take the kung fu legend to his limit.

According to a report on HK Top Ten, he had met "the Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan 10 years ago and has worked with him since then.

Yu Kang over the years received many opportunities from Chi Tan, the most memorable of which was the film WU XIA. He said, "That time we fought for a full week. On the first day Brother Tan already kept telling to fight, on the next day my hand was so swollen that I couldn't make a tight fist. On the third day I told Brother Tan I couldn't go on. I almost died laughing from Brother Tan's answer. Actually when he went home and used the computer, he couldn't even type."

Yu Kang praised Chi Tan as a natural born martial art star, the most amazing part was he knew how to keep innovating and picking up what others abandoned.

Although working with Chi Tan on movies was very stressful, Yu Kang said that later he would feel it was a lot of fun and even a sense of achievement. "Brother Tan can't be surpassed, he can only be a goal to work toward."

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