Ex-Miss Venezuela and husband shot dead in front of daughter

8 January 2014 / 2 years 9 months ago

Monica Spear, a former Miss Venezuela, and her husband were shot to death in front of their young daughter when they encountered car trouble on the road.

Their five year old girl Maya Veliz was shot in the leg. Police believe the killer intended to steal the victims’ car; a gray Toyota Corolla, reports NDJ Global News.

The family was vacationing in Valencia Venezuela. Spears wanted to return to the US this week because she was hopeful she’d get a few ‘ins’ with Novellas, Latin American soap operas.

In 2004, Monica Spear (29) became Miss Venezuela. In 2005 she placed fifth. Police are still searching for the shooter. Maya Veliz received medical treatment and is currently staying with family.

Spear’s husband, Thomas Henry Berry (39), was British and owner of a travel firm. Mr Berry moved to Venezuela with his parents Tom and Kate when he was aged seven.

During a recent interview, Spear made a chilling confession: “She left Venezuela to escape the high incidences of crime and violence”. There were 118,541 homicides in Venezuela between 1999 and 2010.

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