Ex-idol Jimmy Lin's wife called 'horse-face' by fans

4 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago
Marrying a 1990s pop idol is kind of like marrying the mafia, as the wife of singer Jimmy Lin has found out.
Model Kelly Chen, 28, has been attacked for her ordinary looks and called names such as "horse face" by finicky fans, after her 38-year-old husband posted on Weibo photos of their belated wedding celebration in Phuket on Tuesday night, reports The Straits Times.
Other fans said she could not hold a candle to Lin's former love, television star Ruby Lin, and left lamenting messages on the actress' Weibo page, reported China Times.
One post said: "Unfortunately, the bride wasn't you."
Jimmy Lin registered his marriage with his wife after she gave birth to their son in 2009.
Defending her and their marriage from fans' wrath, the singer-actor said: "Even if Chiling Lin were to be my wife, she would also be yelled at. I just did what I should in life."
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