Ex-BFF Yan Kay Kay hits back at Xiaxue with her side of the story in the Gushcloud saga

26 December 2014 / 1 year 10 months ago

Yan Kay Kay refutes Xiaxue’s blog post about startup social media marketing company Gushcloud, regarding her inflated blogger statistics -- and provides months worth of YouTube and blog statistics.

Yan Kay Kay is an online personality, who gained attention after she starred in Xiaxue's Guide to Life, in which the two of them kissed. The two were once best friends but had a falling out in 2012.

She is now the star of a new Gush Studio's YouTube series, "Babe of all trades".

In Xiaxue’s blog post, “The Big Gushcloud Exposé”, she accused Gushcloud of unethical practices such as inflating blog statistics of their influencers, including Yan Kay Kay.

Yan Kay Kay wrote a response to the exposé two days ago (Dec 24). She started off the post by saying that this was an “attack” from Xiaxue to her, and that Xiaxue may have a hidden agenda for writing the post.

She touched on three main points that Xiaxue had brought up in her exposé: Masking of ads, YouTube statistics, and blog statistics.

Yan Kay Kay addressed the masking of ads issue by saying that “many bloggers/online influencers online are guilty of neglecting to disclaim ads as ads. Why so harsh on only us?”

In Xiaxue’s post, she had taken Yan Kay Kay’s new YouTube series, “Babe of All Trades”, and accused her of inflating her views by paying for “fake YouTube views”.

In response, Yan Kay Kay provided her YouTube statistics on her blog post.

She said that most of her views are from YouTube suggested video, and YouTube channel page which she hypes frequently. She also pointed out that if the views had been bought, they would be labeled as “direct traffic” and would be under the unknown category rather than suggested videos category.

Yan Kay Kay then provided statistics to show where her subscribers are from -- most were from Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

On the third point about blog statistics, Yan Kay Kay showed her blog’s Google Analytics statistics. Yan Kay Kay said that Gushcloud’s pitch about her views being 150k to 200k per month were data from the pitch last year, when she was blogging more frequently.

Yan Kay Kay also defended Eric Lim, another blogger that was mentioned in Xiaxue’s post, and said that his views had decreased because he was in National Service (NS).

Read Yan Kay Kay’s full blog post here.
Read Xiaxue’s full blog post here.

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