Eww: Pricillia Wong does not wash her hair for up to 7 days because it's 'bad for health'

2 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago
Source: JayneStars

Although chic in front of the cameras, Priscilla Wong revealed she rarely washes her hair on her days off and has gone seven days straight without having clean hair.

Along with the rest of the cast of the new spinoff of Come Home Love, Priscilla appeared on the latest episode of Johnson Lee’s Sze U Tonight. While talking to the reporters after the show, Priscilla shockingly spilled her dirty hair secret, ruining her goddess-like image.

Confessing her dislike of washing hair, Priscilla said her mother, who claimed that washing hair was bad for your health, was the one who passed on the habit. However, Priscilla disclosed that she washed her hair more frequently since dating Edwin Siu.

She laughed, “When I’m out on a date with Edwin, I wash my hair beforehand. But when I’m not on a date, I don’t wash it. I don’t want the smell to cause others a headache.”

Laughing at her own messy habits, Priscilla went on to reveal that her car and her handbag are in similar dirty states. The actress continued, “My car is like a moving van – it’s very messy. And I have so many things in my handbag – no matter how hard I look, I can never find anything I need.”

Upon hearing about Priscilla’s habits, Edwin jokingly said he would have to revaluate his relationship with the actress. Edwin said, “I really need to revaluate her. Seven days without hair washing – the hair must be flat as a pancake! But this is a part of her personality – and I like this special quality in her.”

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