'Every man wants to screw around whenever he has the chance': Chapman To

6 October 2013 / 3 years 2 weeks ago

Chrissie Chau Sau Na and Chapman To Man Jat worked together on the film MR. AND MRS. PLAYER (LAN GWUN FU DAU LAN GWUN CHAI). Ah Jat was more than lucky. He not only played a couple with goddess Sister Na, but pseudo model Iris Chung Choi Yi would seduce him as well! No wonder Ah Jat had to thank Wong Jing, as he joked that he treated him better than his own father.

In the film, Sister Na and Ah Jat enjoyed screwing around as much as the other, but Ah Jat in order to prove that he deeply loved her, was willing to accept Sister Na's "100 days of living together without sex" test. During the period he had to face the temptation of many beauties. Ah Jat of course was in a great mood

In his previous film THE MIDAS TOUCH (CHIU CUP GAING LEI YUN), Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin actually already felt him up. This time it was goddess Sister Na's turn. No wonder he repeatedly thanked Brother Jing, reports Tvbnewsworld.

"Last time in MEN SUDDENLY IN LOVE (MANG NAM GWUN SEI DUI), I had already worked with Sister Na, but she actually was paired with (Eric Tsang) Chi Wai. Chi Wai and Sister Na, come on, how did that happen? Maybe Brother Jing knew that I wanted to work with Sister Na, so this time he arranged for us to work together."

Ah Jat joked that the scene with the most bad takes was his fantasy of how Sister Na would seduce him. He was still savoring it as he joked that he truly had bad takes like crazy that day for any chance to be with Sister Na. Thus he was the unhappiest about how quickly the film was completed.

Ah Jat also joked that now he rather enjoys promotional interviews because he could see Sister Na again. He also stressed that Sister Na was the one and the only one goddess in his heart. Being able to work together and even playing a couple, he could die without any regrets.

Since the film was blatantly about "screwing around", was his wife Krystal Tin Yui Nei worried? Ah Jat who recently successfully got into shape said, "Every man wants to screw around whenever he has the chance, but now everyone is a paparazzo, where would I have a chance? I can only give up. Ah Tin too has given up on me, she didn't even bother visiting the set."

Facing Ah Jat's barrage of words, Sister Na often cracked up. As for Ah Jat making bad takes like crazy for her, she said, "He covered for me a lot, actually I was the one who couldn't hold back my laughter and had nonstop bad takes."

During the shoot, she and her boyfriend broke up and she was becoming too thin. Ah Jat kept telling her to eat, which touched her. "Ah Jat seems like he is always flirting, but I can sense his concern completely. I was very touched. I hope to find a boyfriend who treats me well in the future."

Sister Na said that she was looking for a boyfriend who treats her well, and looks were not too important. Speaking of becoming a "category III' female star, Sister Na said that it felt special. However the film received the category III rating because of foul language.

Although she had a sexy performance, she admitted that she was no match for pseudo model Iris, who shot a bathing scene wearing just tape. She did not even clear the set. She was daring and made Sister Na admit defeat.

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