Ever wondered how much S'pore bloggers earn from sponsorships? You'll be shocked at the amount

19 August 2014 / 2 years 2 months ago

You may be surprised by the amount of sponsorships bloggers get. From dental treatment to pedicure, companies are sending free or discounted products to bloggers in the hope that they can influence their followers.

But beauty products are just the tip of the iceberg: Plastic surgery, trips around the world, birthday parties, the list goes on, reports The New Paper.

Ms Wendy Cheng, better known as Xiaxue, had her home renovation of $100,000 sponsored. She also got $25,000 worth of baby products and gets to use three rental cars for a year.  

Another blogger, Miss Naomi Neo, who is just 18, receives up to $45,000 a year in sponsorships.

Ms Yang Hui Wen, regional director of blog advertising company Nuffnang, tells The New Paper on Sunday: “When advertisers sponsor bloggers, they hope to achieve ‘organic chatter’ among the online community.

“The sponsored product or service is often aligned with the blogger’s image or personality.”

She explains: “In return, the blogger uses the service or product and if she finds it useful, she may choose to review or talk about it.”

Brands usually approach an exclusive and small group of bloggers and offer them what she calls “valued sponsorship opportunities”. These can pay up to hundreds of thousands an engagement, she says.

“On average, only about five bloggers a year have such opportunities,” she reveals.

For bloggers who are not as prominent, there are also opportunities, although they are valued only at $6,000 to $10,000 per year for each blogger.

Blogger Xiaxue aka Wendy Cheng


Wedding: Includes venue, food, photography and outfits

HDB home renovation: $100,000 which featured 18 different companies
Car: 1 year use of three different rental cars
Baby: $25,000 worth of baby-related products before giving birth. After baby Dashiel was born, companies sponsored shower products, diapers and shoes, among other things


Blogging since: 2003

Age: 30
Facebook likes: 273,949
Instagram followers: 527,000
Charges at least $3,500 an advertorial on her blog

Blogger Melissa Koh


Blogging since: 2013 (full time). Started online diaries in secondary school
Age: 25
Facebook likes: 1,602
Instagram followers: 82,000
Charges: Declined to reveal


Hair $500-$600
Facial $200
Nails $200-300


Teeth $10,000-$15,000

Eyebrows resurrection $2,000
Eyeliner embroidery $1,500 with touch-up
Sports products $1,000- $2,000 worth of goods each time (6 months)

Blogger Naomi Neo


Blogging since: 2009
Age: 18
Facebook followers: 81,827
Instagram followers: 142,000
Charges: $1,000 to $2,000 per blog post advertorial


Hair $1,000
Clothes & accessories $2,000
Nails $500


Hair products $300- $600

Skincare $600
Make-up $300- $600
Gadgets $800- $1,000
S-pop, blogger
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