Ever wondered how celebs take 'hands-free' selfies?

14 October 2013 / 3 years 1 week ago

In this era of taking selfies, almost everyone uploads their own photos online, but have you ever wondered how celebs have the time to take their own pictures?

Well, the secret is out.

According to an article in The New Paper, there are people who are tasked with taking such photos.

They are called "Instassistants" - friends and close ones whose responsibility is to take the most Instagramworthy shots.

Pop star Rihanna, models Miranda Kerr and Georgia May Jagger, daughter of rocker Mick Jagger, are just some A-listers who are guilty of allocating selfie duty to someone else.

Rihanna has made it clear that her Instassistant is best friend Melissa Forde.

For model Heidi Klum, whose series of near-nude selfies this summer garnered a lot of Internet attention, keeping it in the family is key when it comes to photography.

Her Instassistant is her mum, who snapped the bikini pictures that went viral in the summer, the London Evening Standard reported.

Georgia May Jagger, 21, for instance, often shares candid snaps of herself on her offduty days.

But the fact that both her hands are more often than not visible in the photos would indicate that an Instassistant is behind them.

In one such photo posted on Saturday, she smiles as she gets her hair done, while someone else gives her a manicure.

Kerr, 30, is yet another Alister guilty of employing an outside source for her more glamorous "selfies".

The wife of Orlando Bloom shared a photo of herself backstage at a fashion show last week, closing her eyes in a pose that would be difficult to pull off single-handedly.

Photos in the gallery show Instagram photos posted by Hollywood and K-pop celebs. 

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