Even stunning Ankie Beilke can't turn Raymond Lam away from Karena

26 March 2014 / 2 years 7 months ago

How committed is Raymond Lam to Karena Ng? Enough to make him ignore sexy co-star Ankie Beilke.

The two star together in Line Walker, where Ankie plays the role of a drug dealer and third party to Raymond's romance with Charmaine Sheh.
Once cameras stopped rolling, the two hardly noticed each other, according to reports.
Ankie's reputation of getting involved with co-stars previously came to light when the media linked her with Ruco Chan.
This time however, she is sure such rumours won't start flying. She said," As long as Karena is around, there won't be any rumours about us."
Ankie also took the time to clear the air about rumours surrounding her and Ruco, stating that the two are just good friends.
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