Even female studio staff can't resist peeking at Bosco Wong during photoshoot

7 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Bosco Wong and Risa Takimoto, a member of the Japanese 8 girl group Model Girls, were shooting a commercial for a Japanese beverage product.

According to a Tvbnewsworld article, Bosco wore an unbuttoned white dress shirt and showed off his muscular body.

He said: "When I learned I became the spokesperson for a healthy beverage, I started getting nervous because I had to show my muscles and figure, so I spent some time cutting back on my diet, eating light and exercising more. I hoped to be in the best state for the shoot."

Before shooting, Bosco did over a hundred sit-ups to help make his muscles even more distinct. Many of the female staff at the studio couldn't help but take a peek at Bosco.

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