Even Bieber's mother feels he 'doesn't always make the best decisions'

15 July 2013 / 3 years 3 months ago

Justin Bieber's mother thinks he is 'getting a bad rap' but admits he makes mistakes.The 19-year-old popstar, whose latest indiscretions involve peeing in a mop bucket and shouting "F**k Bill Clinton" [the former President of the United States] and partying at an over-21 nightclub, doesn't always make the best decision according to his mother Pattie Mallette, but she believes he is still a good person. She told Bravo's 'Watch What Happens Live': "I definitely think he's getting a bad rap, but I'm also not naive to think that my child is perfect and making all the best decisions of his life. He knows what I disagree with, and he knows all the things that I'm really proud of him for, too. I mean, people don't talk about all the great things he does every day."Every night before a show, he meets with Make-a-Wish kids. He goes to sick kids' hospitals. He visits with them [and] takes his time. He gives back to charities."She previously revealed that she thinks Justin will grow up and eventually get his life back on track.She recently said: "My son is not a public figure to me, he is my son. I can't predict what's going to be in the headlines."Justin has always been someone who has to do things his way. And I have to be able to believe he will do the right thing and he will come out, on top."

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