Evan Rachel Wood suffers 'separation anxiety' when not with son

16 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Evan Rachel Wood has "separation anxiety" when she's parted from her son.

The '13' actress finds it impossible to be apart from her four-month-old tot - whose name she has yet to reveal - for any length of time.

She told UsMagazine.com: "I've been having separation anxiety because I'm so used to him being right here all the time. They kind of become a part of you, you know?

"It was my dream to be a mom, so I'm loving it. I love it."

The 26-year-old star - who is married to 'Billy Elliot' actor Jamie Bell - remained coy when quizzed about what her son is called, but did admit the couple had named him before he was even born.

Evan joked: "We asked him while he was in the womb if that's what he wanted his name to be - to kick - and he did, so there you go!"

The doting mother is delighted with her child's progress and can't believe how much he's changed over the last few months.

She cooed: "He's smiling and laughing. He started rolling over. He's grabbing things. You know, he's making oohs and aahs."

The actress is taking a well-deserved break from acting and was thrilled her new movie 'Charlie Countryman', which also features Shia LaBeouf, wrapped just before she found out she was expecting.

Evan added: "I was lucky because I had done three films and got pregnant so I was like, 'I've got stuff in the can. I'm taking a break!'"

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