Eunjung hurt by 'online bullies' who target her

8 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

T-ara's Han Eunjung has opened up on her feelings about being called 'Ricecake Eunjung', likening it to a case of 'online bullying'.T-ara's new unit T-ara N4 -- which consists of Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon and Areum -- appeared on the latest episode of Mnet's "Beatles Code" and talked about the bullying incident, reported Daily K Pop News.Eunjung talked about feeding Hwayoung a ricecake forcefully. A video of Eunjung pushing a ricecake into Hwayoung's mouth on one of Japan's program was revealed and became a 'bullying evidence'.Eunjung cleared the issue by saying "We had to do that as it was the policy of the game". She continued with "The loser team had to suffer by eating a food in a humorous way."We thought that it was a great penalty. We were also told that we had to show a horrid look while feeding the loser." and Jiyeon said that the PD told them to exaggerate it to become funnier.Eunjung then talked about being called 'ricecake Eunjung'. She said that because of that issue, she can not eat a lot of ricecake anymore."I checked Twitter during the Olympics and I was hurt as I read a lot of comments about being 'ricecake Eunjung." she said.Hope this issue would stop soon as the members feel really sorry for Hwayoung.This also proves that the 'bullying evidences' were intended, as they were told to do those things.

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