Eru and Sule sing first Korean-Indonesian duet

1 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

Korean singer Eru and Indonesian singer/comedian Sule have released a duet named Sarangheyo.Sarangheyo, which means 'I love you' in Korean, was released in Indonesia with a Korean title. The lyrics are in Korean, Indonesian, and English, allowing fans from various countries to enjoy this song.As the first Korean-Indonesian duet song, Sarangheyo is becoming more and more popular in Indonesia, where K-Pop is gaining popularity. An official from the Indonesian music industry commented, "Eru-Sule’s duet song Sarangheyo will increase Indonesian fans’ interest in Korean culture and language. With this song, we also expect an Eru-craze in Indonesia.‘Meanwhile, earlier this month, Eru stayed in Indonesia to appear in various shows to promote the new song. He recently returned to Korea.

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