Eric Tsang's daughter-in-law slams Tsang family on facebook

1 June 2013 / 3 years 4 months ago

In September last year, Eric Tsang’s younger son, Mark Tsang, married Renee Cheung after the birth of their daughter, reports Apple Daily.Allegedly, Renee met Mark at a nightclub that resulted in the premarital pregnancy. Eric not only paid for the entire wedding ceremony, but also purchased a diamond of seven-figure sum as a gift to his daughter-in-law and granddaughter. Today, reports claimed that Renee only used Eric as an ATM and was involved in a heated argument with Mark on Facebook.A Facebook user under the name Renee Tsang lashed out a vulgar complaint about how her husband is constantly away all night. Another user named Mark Tsang later replied angrily, saying “Not only do you not care about me when I return home, but complain about how ugly I look. Did I ever tell you to go anywhere? I’ve been working all week and have several meetings next week. I have no energy left to argue over these matters with you.‘Following this, Renee retorted, “You’re not the only one who is exhausted, Mr. Tsang! Don’t think I’m better off taking care of the child. Going out to work doesn’t mean everything! Alright! I won’t bother you in the future. The best would be to go and earn money so that I have nothing to say! Thanks!‘A friend of Renee later asked her, “Didn’t his father give you one, million dollars earlier?‘ And with that, Renee revealed her identity by saying, “So what? I used it all. His father is Eric Tsang. One million dollars appear with just a cough. Anyway, I have a daughter, what can they do with me?‘The reports also stated that there was a user named Renee719 on a Hong Kong forum in March 2012 who posted about how her mother-in-law is the most detested animal in the world.After the surfaced news, the media interviewed Eric about how his daughter-in-law yelled at his son. Eric said helplessly, “It’s normal for couples to argue. There’s nothing we can do if she wants to let out her anger.‘

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