Eric Tsang throws doomsday party upon release after arrest

21 December 2012 / 3 years 10 months ago

Source: TVB News WorldThe artist drug use scandal led to a slapping incident involving Eric Tsang and Suki Tsui's husband Kenny Wong. Yesterday Eric was arrested and caught everyone's attention. Eric allegedly slapped Kenny Wong at a wedding party. He was released on bail last night, but the arrest did not affect his mood. Eric still invited his good friends out to play soccer and waved to reporters. When asked about his arrest, Eric said: "Actually, I don't have much to say because the case is still under investigation. I believe there is justice in the law!"When speaking of how he's feeling, Eric expressed after the incident, he felt there feelings among people in this world. He said: "I'm very happy that so many people care about me. Since 8am this morning, my phone has been ringing nonstop! Even those whom I haven't been in touched with called! (Extremely worried?) All my friends are worried! (Report back to the police next month?) Just changing the guarantor!"Eric later threw a "Last Second Dooms Day" party where he and his celebrity friends had a feast. When asked if he'll avoid drinking? Eric was already feeling high as he said he will continue to enjoy drinking: "Of course I'm drinking! It's last second!"Meanwhile, after Kenny reported to the police that Eric slapped him at the wedding party, it was understood he told the police he had a celebrity witness. However, when the police talked to that witness, [he/she] said "I didn't see anything". Yesterday Kenny appeared at the Central police station to supply more information about the case. His wife, Suki Tsui, accompanied him to the police station.

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