Eric Tsang pranked during wild birthday bash

9 April 2013 / 3 years 6 months ago

If there's one thing Eric Tsang loves, it's parties. The veteran star turns 60 come April 14, but he's already started celebrating.Although April 14 will be Eric Tsang Chi Wai's 60th birthday, he has already begun to celebrate it in advance with friends. Last Saturday (April 6) Chi Wai held a birthday party with Wong Hung Sau who shares his birthday and Peng Kin Sun whose birthday is the day after theirs. Nat Chan Pak Cheung, Alan Tam Wing Lun and Michael Hui Koon Man were among the guests. The next day Alan shared the photos online. Chi Wai at the party first stood on a table and toasted everyone. He then sang and kept taking photos with friends. Chi Wai soon was drunk and passed out. He also started to be at the mercy of Alan, who put wine bottles and flowers on him. Chi Wai was completely unconscious. He then put corks between his toes. Alan even wrote, "The Emperor truly has many offerings on his birthday. Chi Wai spends his next few days like this!" Tomorrow TVB will celebrate Chi Wai's birthday. Carol Cheng Yui Ling and Liza Wang Ming Chuen will host. Chi Wai's daughter Tsang Bo Yi reveals that this time his entire family will attend. She also has prepared a meaningful gift to surprise him with. Check out the gallery for pics from this year's celebration, as well as, previous years'.

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