Eric Tsang on Jackie's royal blunder: Public screw-ups are his 'speciality'

17 February 2014 / 2 years 8 months ago

Jackie Chan recently mistook England's Prince William for Prince Harry, causing longtime confidant Eric Tsang to crack up.

In response to gaffe, he said, "This is his specialty. Every time he would end up on the headline, he has a lot of news value."

He added, "When Jackie Chan misspoke in the past, he would call me and ask if he was in big trouble. Now he is already used to it. I don't know if he would mix this time up too and think that he became the president of another organization." 

In spite of his jibes, Eric called Jackie Chan's presidency 'well-deserved'.

He also pointed out that the soonest Jackie Chan would return for a meeting will be early next month.

Speaking of Stephen Shiu Yuek Yuen brutally criticizing Jackie Chan not for being in Hong Kong all the time and would have difficulty attending the meetings, ChiWai said, "Shiu Yeuk Yuen doesn't know how our Guild operates, he is criticizing for the sake of criticizing."

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