Eric Tsang had to be carried out of restaurant after getting drunk at party

27 August 2013 / 3 years 2 months ago

Alan Tam recently turned 63, and celebrated with a group of friends.

Guests included Eric Tsang, Hacken Lee, Cally Kwong, Nat Chan, Wong Hung Sau, Deborah Li and other Wynners members, reports TVB Newsworld,

Alan and friends had a lot of fun and drank until their faces were red and their ears were hot.

Around 1.30am, noises came from the restaurant's back door as the unconscious Eris Tsangi sat on a chair.

Several strong men carried him down the stairs and into a vehicle.

Later, Alan posted Eric's drunken photo online. He and Hacken messed around behind him and made mischievous poses.

He also made fun of Eric, "Every time there is a celebration, Eric would have more fun than the host. This time we can only use Left Lun Right Lee to take care of him!"

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