Is Eric Li cheating on girlfriend with Cilla Kung?

14 January 2013 / 3 years 9 months ago

Source: Jayne StarsAccording to the latest issue of Hong Kong’s Sharp Daily magazine, Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir! star, Cilla Kung, has been cozying up with her Days of Days costar, Eric Li. The 36-year-old Eric is best known for his villain roles, Fred and Sean Yen, in the D.I.E duology series. He is also well-known for his portrayal as Law Yat in 2011’s Bottled Passion .Eric and 26-year-old Cilla first met on the set of Love Exceeds the Coastline in early 2012. An insider claimed that Cilla warmed up to Eric quickly on set, and that she “could not‘ take her hands off of him. When she found out that Eric already has a fiancé, Bobo, whom he plans to wed in 2013, Cilla appeared willing to be the third party.A source close to the pair said, “They grew a lot closer after working together in Days of Days. They play a couple in the drama. Cilla often treated the crew for lunch, but we all know that she really wanted to eat lunch with only Eric!‘Before Cilla signed with TVB in 2011, she was romantically linked with her previous boss, DJ Tommy. With her petite stature and sweet looks, Cilla had many active pursuers in the industry. However, Cilla reportedly only had eyes on Eric. Allegedly, Eric was very touched with Cilla’s generosity and kindness, and decided to start an underground relationship with her.Cilla RespondsIt turns out that the Eric and Cilla scandal had been circulating on the Internet for a while, and Cilla had once rebuffed the rumors before, calling them “nonsense.‘ However, she admitted that she and Eric are really good friends.After Sharp Daily’s report was published, Cilla clarified the rumors once again through her Weibo. She wrote, “Thank you, fans, for your support and trust! As for the false accusations by that certain magazine, I don’t know if it is because I have been busy filming, so I don’t have much news, and [they] decided to gift me with such a big headline. As for reports indicating that I am the third party, I feel very helpless. [They] used my Weibo pictures to fabricate news. I am a girl; I am very focused with my work, and when [I] go on vacation, I will spend it with my mom. Why obliterate my hard work and efforts?‘Source:, Sharp Daily

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