Entertainment agency CEO ruled not guilty on the rape of pregnant 15-year-old

27 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Korean news outlets such as Chosun TV recently reported that a CEO of an entertainment agency, a 45-year-old identified as Mr. Cho, was found not guilty of raping a school girl identified as 'A', despite having impregnated her.

Mr. Cho was 42 at the time and 'A' was 15 when they first met at a hospital where Mr. Cho's son was admitted back in 2011. When Mr. Cho met her, he told 'A' that he would turn her into a celebrity.

When 'A' later became pregnant, she ran away from home to live with Mr. Cho. 'A' eventually returned to her family and claimed that Mr. Cho had raped her, reports allkpop.

During his first and second trials, Mr. Cho insisted on his innocence and that he and 'A' had a "pure love."

Although he was given sentencing of 12 and 9 years in jail during the first and second trials respectively, when the case moved to Supreme Court, Mr. Cho was found not guilty of his charges.

The Supreme Court believed in Mr. Cho after investigating into the handwritten letters and text messages that were exchanged between him and 'A'.

The court stated, "We see the victim's true feelings through the letters in which she states that she deeply loves [Mr. Cho]," suggesting that the two were really in love.

The court continued, "We find it difficult to readily believe that 'A's statement that she was subjected to sexual abuse against her will." 

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