Embarrassed Raymond Lam and Karena Ng keep their distance on stage

2 November 2013 / 2 years 11 months ago

Last night, Raymond Lam, Janelle Sing, Karena Ng, Kate Tsui and Lo Hoi Pang attended the Baby Blues film premiere, which will start playing in theaters on Halloween.

Raymond and Karena arrived in matching black outfits, but Raymond said they didn't deliberately match their outfits. According to a Tvbnewsworld article, he said: "Horror films, you will never go wrong wearing black."

On stage, the couple was separated with somebody always in between them. Later when reporters asked them to take pictures, Raymond generously agreed and pulled Karena over for a picture. However, the staff then pulled Karena off the stage and when Raymond saw, he quickly followed behind and pulled her back up. 

Asked why he and his girlfriend seem to have kept their distance on stage, Raymond said: "That's normal! Work is work!"

Questioned on whether he conveniently took his girlfriend to meet his family when the crew went to Xiamen for film promotions earlier, Raymond said: "Nope! Been too busy, just took everyone out for dinner once. Also my relatives aren't in Xiamen.

(You usually take Karena to see your family?) Normal!" When speaking of the "No TV" movement, Raymond joked: "Of course because I won't be in HK!" 

Karena was asked why she looked so embarrassed, and she explained that she attended the film premiere as an actress. Asked if she's not willing to be on the same stage as her boyfriend, she said: "It's just work! (Usually more intimate?) Usually there aren't that many people around!"

When speaking of visiting Raymond's parents in Xiamen, she said they were on a tight schedule and only had 4 hours of sleep. She didn't even get to celebrate her birthday. Asked about what birthday gift did Raymond got her, she refused to answer. When the film premiere ended, Raymond took her to a night club to celebrate. 

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