Elva Hsiao gambles at casino under watchful eye of S'porean beau

17 July 2015 / 1 year 3 months ago

Taiwanese pop star Elva Hsiao's relationship with Singaporean businessman Elroy Cheo seems to be going strong, after the pair were seen spending time together at a Macau casino, reports AsiaOne via MyPaper.

Cheo, reportedly in his early 30s, is the brother of Singapore socialite Arissa Cheo and brother-in-law to Van Ness Wu.

The pair were spotted at a casino in Macau last Saturday, with Hsiao and some friends joining in a game of baccarat and blackjack, while Cheo guided her closely from behind.

Eye-witnesses say Hsiao, 35, appeared have a good hand, and was seen excitedly clapping in glee.

Since the pair disclosed their relationship on social media last December, they have not tried to hide their relationship from the public eye.

But Hsiao's manager shot down any talk of wedding bells ringing soon, clarifying to the media: "At this moment Elva is putting her career first, thank you all for your concern."

Her manager also revealed that she is currently extremely busy with the upcoming launch of her new album.

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