Elva Hsiao and BF spotted on another date -- at Newton Food Centre

22 October 2014 / 2 years 4 days ago

Elva Hsiao was in Singapore last week to attend a shopping mall’s anniversary event. Fans also spotted her Singaporean boyfriend, Elroy Cheo showing his support there.

After Elva finished her performance, Elroy took Elva and her crew to Newton Food Centre and treated them to local delights such as cereal prawns and chilli crabs.

According to Asian Pop News, a fan who happened to be at the food centre described Elroy as a very nice person who took care of not just Elva, but her entire crew as well.

During an interview with the local media, Elva also sang praises on Singaporean men.

She said, “They are all very thin. It could be due to the hot weather, so they perspire more? Or is it because they eat spicy food more? My Singaporean friends are all very gentlemanly.”

When asked if she would become a Singaporean daughter-in-law soon, she smiled and said, “You guys think too much.”

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