Ella Koon clarifies she's not actress in 'car sex' rumour

12 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: Mingpao A rumour is circulating on the internet that Hong Kong police discovered an actor and actress having 'car sex' in a 7-seater van late into the night. The actor and actress pleaded the police not to make it public.It was rumoured the two artists were High and Lows artists Elaine Ng and Patrick Dunn. Patrick was furious after learning about the rumour and declared he'll take legal action against the person who started the rumour. Many of his colleagues from the industry voiced their support on Weibo. Yesterday Patrick's angered finally died down and he even tried to calm the tensions on Weibo. He said: "Whether it is colleagues or Weibo friends, thank you all for the support and trust. I was actually very upset, but because of Francis Ng's one joke, I started laughing again. He said there really was a 'black cop' that released Hong Sir (Patrick's role in the series) just like what happened in the series. Hurry up and find that 'black cop'! Once again, it is only with all the support from you all that I can concentrate on shooting TITS2 in UK and France!" As for Elaine, she expressed on Wong He's CRHK radio interview that she thought it was pretty funny how people misunderstood she was the one having car sex and the rumour just gets more and more severe. The 'male lead' in the rumour has now turned into Geoffrey Wong and there are reporters knocking on her door asking if she was arrested by the police. She said even her 70-year-old aunt had asked her if the rumour was true. When asked if she plans on taking legal action, She said: "I often get negative news, how much can I sue!" She said her daughter (Cheuk Lam) thought the rumour was funny too. At one point Ella Koon, also part of the cast in Highs and Lows, was the suspected female lead in the 'car sex' rumour. She said: "There were reporters asking me if I was the female lead in the rumour because I live in the New Territories district. But how could it be me? I don't have a 7-seater van and I just feel so innocent. There's no reason why I should be suspected just because I live in the New Territories. So I quickly told the reporters to clarify for me, I have a boyfriend." Does she 'car sex' with her boyfriend? Ella said: "No, I don't do car sex. That is not too good to be out in the middle of no where late at night. There is a danger of getting robbed and getting bitten by mosquitoes and bugs. It's dangerous. After all, I definitely won't do such thing. Please don't say it's me." Ella frankly expressed she does not believe in the rumour at all, she just wants to clarify that it is not her and is very worried that people might think the rumour is true.

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