Eliza Sam wants 'half price' when buying a flat and jewellery

19 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Eliza Sam’s (岑麗香) popularity has only increased since the release of Sniper Standoff < 神鎗狙擊>. Frequently stopped on the streets by fans, Eliza is also in high demand for brand endorsements. Her work has steadily increased, making it more difficult for the Vancouver native to visit her family.

On the streets, pedestrians immediately recognized Eliza as Lai Chan, the youngest member of the SDU in Sniper Standoff.  Wearing a skimpy tank top during the training scenes, Eliza easily stood out from the male cast. She will also be involved in a romance with Michael Tse (謝天華) in the drama, reports Jayne Stars.

Several days ago, when Eliza was buying afternoon snacks, the shop keeper immediately recognized her and even offered her a 50 percent discount for the snacks. An elated Eliza chimed, “If I can get 50 percent discount when I buy a flat or jewelry next time, that would be great!”

At a Mid-Autumn Festival event earlier, Eliza lamented that this is the third year that she is not celebrating the holiday with her family in Vancouver. She could not take time away from her busy filming schedule for TVB drama, M Club. The 29-year-old beauty confessed that she loved to bake pastries and during her free time, she would make them for her friends and her apartment’s security guard.

Since the Mid-Autumn Festival will be this Thursday, she intends to find the recipe for moon cakes and bake them for everyone. When asked if she will be baking any for her rumored boyfriend, Alan Wan (溫家偉), Eliza said “No. For men, only my brother and grandfather have tried my baking.”

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