Eliza Sam talks about her sexy outfit, body paint and getting naked

1 November 2014 / 1 year 11 months ago

Eliza Sam made a rare appearance at a body art exhibition in Sha Tin. Though her flowery magenta gown may appear conservative at first, it is anchored by a plunging, Deep V-cut, revealing her “career line”.

According to Jaynestars, the 29-year-old TVB star said she had no idea her dress was that revealing when her stylist told her to put it on.

“We were in a hurry so I just put it on without taking a good look at it", said Eliza.

To prevent any slips and accidents, Eliza made sure her fashion tape is secured in the right place.

“All precautions are taken care of so I’m safe. The tape I’m wearing right now is also strategically placed there!”

At the body art event, Eliza said she has never had her body painted before, expressing that she is too shy to try it.

The actress continued: "I had my face painted when I was younger, and I also painted kids’ faces before. It’s pretty fun.

"However, I am too shy to have my entire body painted. I’m not bold enough to strip myself naked and have someone paint on me.”

Eliza Sam
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