Eliza Sam is so frugal, she eats food props on set

7 October 2013 / 3 years 2 weeks ago

Eliza Sam's new series Sniper Standoff is currently airing. In the series, Heung Heung's 33C body figure is still the center of attention.

Since Divas In Distress, it was rumored Heung Heung had made nearly HK$4 million.

TVB Entertainment News reported that Heung Heung is saving up to buy a home and has been very frugal.

She frequently eats off others and gets around by carpool; she limits herself to use only 50 dollars a day, and her daily 3 meals are kept very simple. You rarely see her out on the streets shopping.

A staff member expressed: "Heung Heung is very behaved and very frugal. She's known to eat the food used as props and if she can't find it, she would pack it up for later."

A few days ago, Heung Heung expressed on Weibo she's currently enjoying a bowl of soggy beef brisket noodles that had been sitting out for two hours.

In regards to the rumor that she's being so frugal because she's trying to save up to buy a home?

Heung Heung accepted an interview and said without concealing: "Consuming the food props? Well depends on how you look at it. If I know I'm going to be filming an eating scene and there is good food, then I'll go to work with an empty stomach.

"I pack it up to take with me as well. This is a practice my parents have taught me since youth."

"(You even eat soggy noodles?) That day I was filming outdoors, I knew there was a famous beef brisket noodle shop nearby, so I bought carryout to eat in the van. I am frugal and saving up to buy a home is one of my goals, but for now I don't even have the downpayment saved up yet."

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