Eliza Sam defends 'sister' Christine Kuo against weight critics

9 May 2013 / 3 years 5 months ago

When 'House Guy Goddess' Eliza Sam attended an event, reporters pointed out to her that she seems to be one size smaller than Christine Kuo, who was at the same event, reported Fortunate City.However, Eliza immediately protected her sister. She rebuked: "Don't say that! I have been filming a series recently, and I haven't been eating according to a normal schedule. (I'm) almost back to the figure I had during the Miss Chinese International pageant!"Eliza, who is currently 104 lb (47kg), was also asked whether she would give some slimming secrets to Christine to which she replied: "No need. The person must be happy. If you're happy, then you're pretty. Must enjoy yourself".

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