Elena Kong reveals she brings her dog to the movies with her

18 July 2014 / 2 years 3 months ago

Hong Kong actress and DJ Elena Kong has revealed that her movie date is not her boyfriend, Vincent Ng, but her pet dog, said Asian E-News Portal.

At a television charity focusing on animals, the 42-year-old personality said she would sneak her dog into the cinema by hiding it in her bag.

When the lights dim, she would bring him out. Elena said her dog is really good and doesn't make any noise so the other cinema patrons are not disturbed.

Even noises from the movie will not frighten it as it doesn't have much reaction, added Elena.

She does not think she is violating any rules as the cinemas does not say anything about this matter, Elena said.

She usually buys the very inner end seats, and hopes there will be theatres specifically for dogs because she wants to bring her pet in openly.

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