Elanne Kong wants to wear a bikini to her wedding

17 September 2013 / 3 years 1 month ago

Elanne Kong expressed that she hoped to break the traditions and hold her wedding on the beach in a bikini-styled wedding dress.

She said: "I really want to design a set of wedding dresses that is both bikini-styled and traditional.The best would be to have a wedding on a sunny beach somewhere overseas. After the wedding, we can all jump and play in the water!"

Earlier Elanne Kong did a wedding photo shoot with Edwin Siu for an endorsement with France Bridal Wedding Salon.

Elanne and Edwin spent two days traveling around Hong Kong for the photo shoot, they went from the mountains to the seaside. Elanne changed into over 10 different styled wedding dresses. During the photo shoot, she and Edwin shared their knowledge on photography with one another and Choked together before the camera.

Edwin laughed: "You're the star once in a lifetime, of couse you have to Chok to the max!" Asked whether Elanne will go for a 'lightning marriage' if she meets her Mr. Right? She shook her head and said: "I must have a deep understanding of the guy and know that he's truly for me before I decide to marry him because there is no take two, I don't want to regret it!"

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