Elaine Ng and Patrick Dunn quashes rumours of them having sex in car

11 November 2012 / 3 years 11 months ago

Source: TVB News WorldElaine Ng quashed rumours that she and Highs and Lows co-star Patrick Dunn were caught having sex in a car by police officers.The rumour first started on a disciplined services website. It was said the police spotted a 7-seater van in Tsat Sing Kong, New Territories (HK) late into the night. When the police went up to the van, they "discovered NB actor and actress in the car....when using a flashlight to get a better view....the actor and actress pleaded to the police not to make it public." A commenter on the site asked: "Did anyone find out who the actor and actress are?" Then the rumour started spreading wildly on the internet. Within an hour, someone online said the actor and actress was Patrick Dunn and Elaine Ng. Ng was scheduled to give an interview at a radio station on Friday morning (Nov 9) when she was greeted by a large group of reporters waiting for her and said: ""I know what you all are waiting for. You want to know about the rumour between me and Patrick Dunn! The truth is there is no such thing! I don't know why there is such rumor, it's pretty funny. I'm not familiar with Patrick at all, we just met during filming. I don't even know where Tsat Sing Kong is."We were in the studio together before, but never in the same car. I think someone is playing a prank on us", she saidIn a long-distance phone interview, Patrick Dunn also denounced the rumour.He said: "Ridiculous! This is insulting and hurtful. This is defamation. I'm so upset! There is absolutely no such thing. Elaine and I do not know each other well. Since day one, we were only in contact through filming."If there must be rumours, it should be with someone I know better, someone who I chat with and have their number!"We are not children, we have families and the rumour is really sudden. If there is any evidence, then take it out".Patrick also threatened to pursue legal action against those who started the rumour.He has also posted a written statement on Weibo, clarifying once again that the rumour was fabricated and that no such thing happened.The Oriental Daily newspaper contacted the police's public relations spokesperson, and found out there was no such case.

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