Elaine Ng and male friend knock into van when trying to avoid press

10 April 2015 / 1 year 6 months ago

Elaine Ng's daughter Etta Ng was seen returning to their apartment in Tai Po. Elaine spoke to reporters who showed up at her home with the door chain secured.

When asked if Etta returned home, Elaine said: "My friend is around and it is not convenient to answer now. This is a private area, please leave. I will not reply."

She then closed the door immediately and the reporters discovered a male friend was in the apartment, report Asian E-News Portal and ON.CC.

At around 10pm (Apr 7), Elaine and her male friend boarded a vehicle and left. Their vehicle accidentally bumped into a van which was parked at the carpark and the driver replied that Elaine was his friend and will not pursue responsibility.

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