Ekin Cheng was nearly crushed by 300 horses

21 March 2013 / 3 years 7 months ago

Ekin Cheng revealed that he nearly fell off his horse during the filming of a battle scene for Saving General Yang. If he had hit the ground, he would have been crushed by 300 horses galloping in his wake.He recalled, "It was either that I would die or the role would have to be cast again. At the time action director Stephen Tung Wai wanted to shoot a formation change and all the horses had to move evenly, without using special effects. "Yet during the shoot, the wires on one of the horses touched a cart and the horse pulled away from its path. I nearly lost balance trying to avoid it. I thought if I fell I would die because behind me were 300 horses. "Maybe because every time before work we invited the Yang clan banner, I was ok. I am not saying that I am superstitious but when I fell someone propped me up from behind, I was fine." When asked if he decided to get married after the near death experience, he said, "No, people grow up and it is a responsibility. Life after marriage isn't too different, only the mindset is broadened and matters have to be handled more maturely." Second son Yu Bo admitted that he and Ekin had the most scenes together and they were the closest. He praised Ekin and the director for taking care of him. He remembered that when Ekin discovered some lines were suitable for the other brothers, he would suggest changes to the director.

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